25 jul 2022

REVIEW | Mammaly Snacks with Benefits (English Version)

Mammaly Dog Snacks, Snacks with Benefits! This stylish German brand has created a fantastic brand of dog snacks that also have many health benefits! A natural supplement in the form of a treat to promote your dog’s health, it’s easy! In this blog, you will find all the information about the Mammaly Snacks and a Mammaly Review.

Mammaly – Dog Snacks with Benefits

Mammaly is a German company that has worked with a whole team of specialists to design dog snacks that can be used to target many different dog health problems. These snacks can be used as supplements and promote your dog’s health. They are dietary supplements in the form of snacks.

Supplements in the Form of Snacks

Mammaly has developed 5 different flavours to target different health problems. They are natural snacks with active ingredients from nature. The snacks are made to make looking after your dog super easy. So in the form of a snack, you can add a supplement to your dog’s diet. So it’s not intended as food, but as a snack/supplement. For example, you have the Mammaly Lucky Belly, which contributes to a good digestive system and intestinal flora.

Happy Hips

For strong bones & joints

Relax time

For more calm & tranquillity

Fresh smile

For healthy teeth

shiny hair

For a shiny coat and healthy skin

lucky belly

For healthy digestion

As you can see, for every health problem, there is a specific snack that supports your dog in those areas. There are lots of ingredients in the snacks, I will list the main active ingredients for each snack below. Want to read all the info about the snack? Then check out Mammaly’s website, where they provide lots of information.

Happy Hips – Strengthens bone structure. Supports the musculoskeletal system. Improves the dog’s vitality. It also boosts the immune system. The active ingredients in it are Collagen Peptide, green-lipped mussel, glucosamine and chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid.

Relax Time – Supports your dog in stressful situations, for more inner balance. With valerian. The active ingredients in it are Chamomile, L-tryptophan, valerian and kelp pine.

Fresh Smile – Supports dental health. Prevents tartar formation. Gives fresh breath. Strengthens oral flora and immune system. The active ingredients in it are Sodium hexametaphosphate and zinc oxide, seaweed/kelp and mint.

Shiny Hair – Supports the skin barrier and a shiny coat. Strengthens the immune system. Gives a shiny and colourful coat. With biotin and hyaluronic acid. The active ingredients in it are flaxseed oil, brewer’s yeast, seaweed, and hyaluronic acid.

Lucky Belly – Supports the digestive system and ensures healthy intestinal flora, improves bowel movements and boosts the immune system. The active ingredients in it are pre- and probiotics, fennel and psyllium seeds.

Dosage – How many snacks should you give your dog?

Because it contains a lot of active ingredients, it’s important to stick to the right dosage. You can follow the rule: 1 soft snack per 5kg of body weight.

Small dogs (max. 5 kg) –  1 snack per day
Medium-sized dogs (max. 10 kg) – 2 snacks per day
Large dogs (20+ kg) – 4 snacks per day

Our Mammaly Review & Experience

The tins look really great, it looks like a very nice brand. There are also cute little texts on each tin. It’s a very hip brand, which of course makes it extra fun. But besides that, the snacks are also very functional and contain lots of good ingredients. However, it does contain a lot of really active ingredients, so you shouldn’t think of this as a snack. But really as a supplement in the form of a snack. You can’t just treat your dog with these. You should really stick to the dosage. For example, give your dog a snack as an addition to their meal to supplement it.

The snacks are quite big, but very soft! Mr. Sam & Isa both weigh 2.5 kg. So they are allowed half a snack a day according to the dosage, but this is so super easy to break in half! And nice for Isa’s teeth, too, because she doesn’t have that many good teeth left in her old age. So it’s easy to chew for her.

Our picky princess didn’t want to try them… But Zahra is very difficult with snacks. The little ones were very excited about the snacks though!

I think it’s really cool that so much thought has gone into an easy way to supplement and support your dog. Definitely nice to give as an addition to your dog’s menu sometimes. I would alternate it with giving other separate supplements from time to time, though. They still only use white rice instead of brown rice. They are exploring whether they can make them from brown rice though, which would be totally super. After all, this gives dogs even more benefits and you can then use this for several things. But all in all, really good, enjoyable snacks with very effective ingredients to support your dog.

And the tins are SO cute. Just take a look at the website, it looks really top & stylish. Totally instagram proof, haha!

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